Linux Kernel Mitigation & Bypass

Like user mode, there are also couples of ways of mitigation against exploits in Linux kernel. Here is a list of mitigation in kernel mode and methods to bypass some of them.


Congratulations to Kaztebin, ranked 1 in DEFCON CTF29 again.

It reminds me of my first ctf competition with Katzebin: hxp2020 [1]. There are some excellent challenges in this game which I missed out at that time, including some linux kernel exploitations. Recently I started to learn kernel pwn, and I think it’s time to solve these left challenges.

强网杯总决赛 2021


比赛时看了几道cold down, EXSI找到了洞但是不好复现…

CVE-2009-1759 BT文件解析器栈溢出漏洞解析




Vue.js 初探

最近写应用程序感觉 python,java 的 gui 太丑了,咨询了一波web爷爷。在一星期内从零开始入门了前后端分离的开发框架,并成功赶在实验截止日期前套用,治好了我的强迫症. 在这个过程中不成体系且稀碎地顺手记录了一下,权当纪念这段爆肝的日子。